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1965 66 67 68 Mustang Coupe Carpet Kit
65 66 67 68 MUSTANG Coupe Carpet Kit -- This is the good stuff. 1964-1968 are constructed from 80% Rayon, 20% Nylon, 1969-70 are 100% Nylon. All edges are sewn to prevent unraveling. Drivers side has molded, colored keyed rubber heel and toe pad. All carpet is backed with a heavy 27 ounce jute insulation layer. Also features a precut gearshift hole. Fastbacks include small lower quarter panel sections.
Price: $144.95
1965 66 67 Mustang 15 X 7 Style Steel Wheels 15X7 Made In The USA Each
65 66 67 Mustang Styled Steel Wheels -- Chrome. 15x7 Our styled steel wheels are the best on the market. Features include: (1) Precise assembly to ensure a true and balanceable rim, (2) Triple chrome plating, (3) Attractive and informative double wall shipping boxes, (4) Correct charcoal painted recesses baked on for durability, (5) Simulated rivets on stock sizes for concours judging, and (6) Correct clearance for original 1965-67 4 piston disc brake calipers.
Price: $169.95
64 65 66 67 Mustang Exhaust Manifold 6 Cylinder 170 200
64 65 66 67 Mustang Exhaust Manifold -- 6 CYLINDER; These manifolds are cast from high quality molds for proper fit and appearance. Includes exhaust flange bolts, nuts and washer.
Price: $124.95
64 65 66 Mustang Outside Mirror (Economy)
64 65 66 Mustang Outside Mirror -- Chrome; These outside mirrors feature flawless chrome and a perfect fit. Mirrors fit both left and right hand side, but we recommend our mirrors with convex glass for the right hand side because they have a greater field of vision. All mirrors come with base pad and mounting screws.
Price: $27.95
64 65 66 Mustang Radio Chrome Face 100 Watt
64 65 66 Mustang CHROME FACE Radio. Features 100 watts of power! AM/FM Plus input for MP3 player, satellite radio or ipod!
Ford logo
Price: $169.00
64-68 Mustang Fuel Tank With Drain Plug
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64-68 Mustang Fuel Tank -- These hand crafted American gas tanks use industry standard Ni-Terne steel. This high liability part is backed by a company known for leading the industry in safety in safety and craftsmanship. Seam welded and pressure tested under water twice for integrity. Each tank has a 3 year warranty by the manufacturer.New retaining ring and gasket included.
Price: $134.95
64-68 Mustang Gas Tank Without Drain (USA)
64-68 Mustang Gas Tank without Drain
Price: $124.95
64-69 Mustang 6 Cylinder 9 Inch Clutch kit
65 66 67 69 Mustang Clutch Set NOW BACK IN STOCK! Includes Pressure Plate Throw Out Bearing and Clutch Plate. This is a beautifully remanufactured top quality part! For 200 6 cylinder. If you do not have a rebuildable core there is a $75.00 additional charge. Superior Mustang Parts
Price: $349.95
64-73 Mustang High Performance 6 Cylinder Header
64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 Mustang High Performance 6 Cylinder Header
Price: $354.95
65-70 Mustang Hood Mount Tach White Face
65-70 Mustang Hood Mounted Tach (White Face)
Price: $399.95
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1967 Mustang Recognition Tips and Information
And the first big changes cometh. Ford still in charge of the "pony car market" decides to get a jump on Camaro, Firebird, and yes the Cougar too and make major changes to the 67 Mustang. Parts still remain the same like the 108" wheel base but  from the rocker panel up most everything else is different.

Grille: the 67 Mustang Grill is much bigger the earlier models taking up the entire space between the bottom of the hood and the top of the bumper. The Pony and corral are still intact but the long bars from each side of the corral are back. One thing that is strange about this change is that the corral is now wider on the bottom than the top, opposite of the 66 model.

Headlight molding: The headlight molding kept the original thought however now it is set further back  and now the fake louvers from 65 an 66 are now gone.

Front Valance: The front valance now has new style parking lights that are deep inset. The valance also has an inset for the license plate holder. The standard bumper guards now have rubber inserts.

Hood: The hood is much different in the 66 Mustang with more of a slope and for the first time a big center ridge running the full length of the hood. FORD is now spelled out across the front.  The hood latch is all new complete with a safety catch. We got rear facing turn signals to you'll here people call this a "winker" hood. Funny doesn't "winker" sound like something you'd call your younger brother in high school?

Under the Hood: Here are your engine choices for the 67 Mustang: 200ci 120hp, 289ci 200hp, 289ci 225hp, 289ci 271hp, 390ci 320hp.

Side: The simulated scoops are still there but they got much bigger and now there are two! The scoops are now painted rather than chrome. The three bar Pony and MUSTANG are still just behind the front wheels, in the V-8 models the engine size is now stamped in the emblem. A remote control mirror became standard on the 67 but the rocker panels are now only standard on the fastback. Oh, in 1967 we got the reversible door key we all knew it was the round one that unlocked the door.

Windows: The front windshield remained the same!  How'd they do that? They interchange for 65 - 67.

Rear: The taillights are very different in 67, they are three separate bars. However, one thing remains the same, they are still really one unit from behind. The gas cap is still wired on but now it has a ceramic center again and three bars that stick out. In the center you see the three bar pony and FORD MUSTANG. You could also now get the "pop" open gas cap in the exterior decor group.

Interior: The 1967 Mustang Instrument bezel only resembles previous years in theme. The two center pods house either the speedometer and oil pressure / alternator or the optional tach. The 67 Mustang Steering wheel is unique because of the big padded safety cushion in the center. The steering wheel is three spoke and color keyed. The 67 Mustang was the first year for tilt steering. Also, the steering wheel swings up and over when the driver's door is opened, signaled by a small switch located in the door jamb. Parts of the new bucket seats are similar to the deluxe bucket seat from the 66 Mustang, the pleats run width wise and bright metal panels are used on the outboard sides.

Wheels: Due to the wider tires available for the 67 Mustang the styled steel wheel is wider than in 66. In addition  the trim ring is wider too, to cover the deeper dish. The center cap is redesigned with a five star look and a new blue center.

The 1967 Mustang GT: All of the GT's were equipped with one of the 4 available V8 engines. One of which was the first Big Block which was the 390!  The GT still had the front fog lamps. It now had Power Disc brakes on the front and was available with an automatic transmission (commonly know as the GT/A).

Here is an interesting fact: In 1967 Ford produced a "Indy Pacesetter Special" In honor of the Indy 500. However, Mustang was NOT the pace car that year.....

1967 Shelby: Well the BIG news for the 67 Shelby was of course the BIG block 428! While the same basic design as the 390, the 428 had nearly 50 more horsepower.  The 67 Shelby was the first to have extended body panels. The 1968 Shelby was the last to be built in California, beginning in 68 production was moved to Michigan.

Hardtop (Standard)  -  325,853
Hardtop (Bench seats)  -  8,190
Hardtop (Luxury)  -  22,228
Convertible (Standard)  -  38,751
Convertible (bench seats)  -  1,209
Convertible (luxury)  -  4,848
Fastback (standard)  -  53,651
Fastback (luxury)  -  17,391
Total  -  472,121
VIN NUMBERS  -  7F01C100001
7 - Last digit of model year
F - Assembly Plant (F=Dearborn, R=San Jose, T=Metuchen)
01 - Plate code (01=Hardtop, 03=convertible, 02=fastback)
C - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number
Hardtop - $2,461.46
Convertible - $2,698.14
2+2 Fastback - $2,592.17
U - 200 ci 1valve 6-cyl. with 120hp
C - 289 ci 2valve V-8 with 200hp
A - 289 ci 4valve V-8 with 225hp
K - 289 ci 4valve V-8 with 271hp
S - 390 ci 4valve V-8 with 320 hp
- Power front disc brakes
- Power steering
- Power convertible
- GT Equipment Group (only with V-8's)
- Tinted glass
- AM push-button radio with tape system
- AM/FM push-button radio
- Full-width front seat
- Center console
- Luggage rack on rear decklid
- Deluxe steering wheel
- Vinyl roof
Black - 2A
Blue - 2B
Red - 2D
Saddle - 2F
Aqua - 2K
Parchment - 2U
Ivy Gold - 6G
Luxury black - 6A
Luxury blue - 6B
Luxury saddle - 6F
Luxury ivy gold - 6G
Luxury aqua - 6K
Luxury red - 6D
Luxury parchment - 6U
Bench seat black - 4A
Bench seat parchment - 4U
Comfortweave luxury parchment - 5U
Comfortweave luxury black - 5A
Comfortweave parchment - 7U
Comfortweave black - 7A
Raven Black - A
Frost Turquoise - B
Acapulco Blue - D
Arcadian Blue - F
Diamond Green - H
Lime Gold - I
Nightmist Blue - K
Wimbledon White - M
Diamond Blue - N
Brittany Blue - Q
Dusk Rose - S
Candyapple Red - T
Burnt Amber - V
Clearwater Aqua - W
Vintage Burgundy - X
Dark Moss Green - Y
Sauterne Gold - Z
Silver Frost - 4
Pebble Beige - 6
Springtime Yellow - 8