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1965 66 67 68 Mustang Coupe Carpet Kit
65 66 67 68 MUSTANG Coupe Carpet Kit -- This is the good stuff. 1964-1968 are constructed from 80% Rayon, 20% Nylon, 1969-70 are 100% Nylon. All edges are sewn to prevent unraveling. Drivers side has molded, colored keyed rubber heel and toe pad. All carpet is backed with a heavy 27 ounce jute insulation layer. Also features a precut gearshift hole. Fastbacks include small lower quarter panel sections.
Price: $144.95
64-68 Mustang Fuel Tank With Drain Plug
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64-68 Mustang Fuel Tank -- These hand crafted American gas tanks use industry standard Ni-Terne steel. This high liability part is backed by a company known for leading the industry in safety in safety and craftsmanship. Seam welded and pressure tested under water twice for integrity. Each tank has a 3 year warranty by the manufacturer.New retaining ring and gasket included.
Price: $134.95
64-73 Mustang 17In X 8In Magnum 500 Wheels
64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 Mustang 17 Magnum 500 Wheels Finally! This is the wheel we have all be waiting for! 17 X 8 Magnum 500 wheel Please allow 4 - 7 weeks for delivery.
Price: $329.00
67 68 69 Mustang 2 Core, High Performance, Aluminum Radiator For Cars With Automatic Transmission 20 In
67 68 69 Mustang 2 Core, High Performance, Aluminum Radiator -- 289,302 351W, with transmission cooler 20in; These 2-row aluminum radiators feature extra large 1 tubes to equal 4 row efficiency,but with.Benefit from improved performance through modern technology.
Price: $309.95
67 68 Mustang Rear Bumper Chrome
67 68 Mustang Rear Bumper great quality chrome
Price: $107.95
67 68 Mustang Reproduction Dash Pads
67 68 MUSTANG Reproduction Dash Pads -- These dash pads are very nice reproductions at a lower price. (Not made from original Ford tooling)
Price: $189.95


1968 Ford Mustang Recognition Tips:

There were many new options in available for the 68 Mustang, however lots of things remained the same. The body style for one thing. There is little difference between the 1967 Mustang and the 1968 Mustang in fact many parts still interchange.

Grille: As usual the grill gets changed. With the side rails off only the corral remains. In its place there is now piece of trim that now follows the outside pattern of the grill.

Exterior: For the first time there was a two tone  paint scheme available. If of course you got the louvered hood. Even then the second tone you got was low gloss black in a stripe pattern on the hood. The 68 Mustang was the first to have the now familiar Mustang script emblem. Again the fake air scoops on the rear quarter panels are changed. They are replaced with a basic ornament.

Interior: Most of the parts remain the same from the 67 Mustang to the 68 Mustang. One thing that was a big change was the steering wheel. It is now one bar straight across and molded from color keyed plastic. One of my favorite options remain which is the swing away steering column. It swings up and over when the drivers door is open. For the first time you will also see headrests.

Trunk: The trunk options remain pretty much the same. Although, one of the new parts for 68 was the collapsible spare complete with the can of pressurized air to blow it up.

Wheels: The big change in wheels for 68 was the new styled steel wheel it is now slotted available in argent with chrome trim ring or all chrome.

Engine: Ford offered 9 yes 9 engine choices in 68. At the beginning of the production year the 289 was still available but by mid year the 302 had taken its place. You could have also gotten a 427 but the big news was the 428 Cobra Jet. Ford also added the  250 ci 6 cylinder.

1968 1/2 Cobra Jet: With the Cobra Jet you got all the GT options but now you get a 428 CJ with the first functional Ram Air. Look for  the "R" engine code and the 9" rear end.

Mustang GT: For the first time the "C" stripe is part of the GT equipment group. Here is a fun fact about the 68 Mustang GT Wheels, if you got the reflective group the wheels were painted with special reflective paint. This option was only available on the 1968 Mustang.

California Special: You could also get  the limited production California Special. Available in the hardtop only it was the brain child of some of the Southern California dealers. They had side scoops like the Shelby but they were not functional.

Colorado Special: Some Colorado dealer got the same idea and came up with the Colorado Special. Really the same car with different badges.

1968 Shelby: For the first time officially known as the Shelby Cobra. Like the regular Mustang not much change was made in 68. The biggest change was the location. Moved from California, Shelby's were now made in Michigan. A fun fact about the GT500KR: the KR stands for King of the Road.  You could also get a Shelby convertible in 1968, complete with roll bar. The 1968 Shelby Wheels were a 15" Mag type, 5 spoke wheel. There was also an option 10 spoke version that was available.


Hardtop (Standard)  -  233,472
Hardtop (Deluxe)  -  9,009
Hardtop (bench seats)  -  6,113
Hardtop (Deluxe bench seats)  -  853
Convertible (standard)  -  22,037
Convertible (deluxe)  -  3,339
Fastback (Standard)  -  33,585
Fastback (deluxe)  -  7,661
Fastback (bench seats)  -  1,079
Fastback (Deluxe bench seats)  -  256
1968 VIN NUMBERS  -  8F01C100001
8 - Last digit of model year
F - Assembly Plant (F=Dearborn, R=San Jose, T=Metuchen)
01 - Plate code (01=Hardtop, 03=convertible, 02=fastback)
J - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number
Hardtop - $2,578.60
Convertible - $2,814.22
2+2 Fastback - $2,689.26
T - 200 ci 1valve 6-cyl. with 120hp
C - 289 ci 2valve V-8 with 195hp
F - 302 ci 2valve V-8 with 210hp
J - 302 ci 4valve V-8 with 230hp
S - 390 ci 4valve V-8 with 325hp
W - 427 ci 4valve V-8 with 390hp
R - 428 ci 4valve V-8 with 335hp (Available after April. 1, 1968)
- Power front disc brakes (only with 325hp V-8 GT model)
- Power steering
- Power convertible
- GT Equipment Group
- Tachometer (only on V-8's)
- Limited slip differential
- Tinted glass
- AM/FM Radio
- push-button AM radio
- Full-width front seats
- Air Conditioning
Parchment vinyl - 2U
Nugget Gold vinyl - 2Y
Aqua vinyl - 2K
Bench Comfortweave blue - 8D
Bench Comfortweave black - 8B
Bench Comfortweave dark red - 8D
Bench Comfortweave parchment - 8U
Comfortweave black - 7A
Comfortweave red - 7B
Comfortweave dark red - 7D
Comfortweave parchment - 8U
Raven Black - A
Royal Maroon - B
Acapulco Blue - D
Gulfstream Aqua - F
Lime Gold - I
Wimbledon White - M
Diamond Blue - N
Seafoam Green - R
Candyapple Red - T
Tahoe Turquoise - U
Meadowlark Yellow - W
Presidential Blue - X
Sunlit Gold - Y
Pebble Beige - 6

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