66 Mustang Mini Tub

Mustang PartsHere’s an update about the Crites Spring re-location kit for project LOGO. I’m finished installing the kit and over all I was very satisfied. Don’t get me wrong it is a lot of work and welding and cutting are required. But it has worked out well overall. As part of moving the rear springs in 3 inches I’m also doing a mini tub on the 66 Mustang. I have read most of the posts out there about doing the mini tub but after looking at it I decided to do it a little differently. Instead of welding in a 3 inch piece of metal I bought two new inner wheel wells and cut them to fit in the mini tub once everything was cut out. I can honestly say that this is a better way to go for the little bit of money the wheel wells  cost. It leaves you with only one weld instead of two and you have brand new material to work with. Sorry the picture leaves a bit to be desired, once the inside is inished I’ll post some more but for now take my word for I think it turns out better this way and makes room for 3 inches of rubber!

Project LOGO Radiator Support

Mustang Radiator SupportVictory! The Project LOGO Radiator support is in an we saved the front apron.

By for the hardest part of this job is the removal of the old radiator support. It takes a lot of careful drilling to preserve the maximum amount of material on the front aprons. The lower brace is a piece of cake because the material is so much thicker. An air chisel is almost a must for this job. Even once you drill the centers out of the spot welds you need it to separate the old radiator support. Once you have the old support out it is easy to get in there with a small grinder and smooth out the rough edges and take away the excess material.

Once is was all cleaned up I just drilled 1/4 holes in the support everywhere I wanted a “spot weld”. With the help of some trusty vice grip clamps I held it in place and used my MIG welder to fill in those spots.

I was excited to be able to use my hammer and dolly skills on the front apron where it had been hit at some time in the past. I’m quite sure I didn’t save any time by doing that, it would have been just as easy to replace it. But honestly it was fun! And it turned out very well if I don’t say so myself.

All totaled I put in about 4 hours in this job but keep in mind the front clip on this project is already off.

Coming up next, floor pans!

Announcing our new location!

We were busting at the seams! Finally after a long search and a big move we are nearly settled in our in location, almost 3 times bigger than our old one! Hard to admit but it is almost full too! We now have an on-site shop for filming product installation videos and our warehouse is finally in the same building as the office. Life is so much easier!

In the next few weeks we will start releasing Mustang Parts installation videos on this blog and on our youtube channel. Now would be a great time to hear any suggestions for videos you might have. Our current project car is a 1966 Mustang so we’ll be doing those videos first and tracking the progress of our build.

A few of the first videos will be 200 6 cylinder to 289 V-8 swap. For all you horsepower nuts we’ll be using a supercharged 347 for our replacement. It will be backed up by a C-4 transmission and a narrowed 9″ rear end.

This project will also have mini tubs on the back to accommodate some bigger tires and a drum to disc brake conversion. For this project we’ll also be going through the interior including upholstery, dash pad, carpet and headliner.

This will be totally interactive, we are glad to answer any questions you may have, in fact we encourage them!

1966 Mustang

With such a similar look it is surprising how different the 1966 Mustang is from the 1965 model. From the front of the car it is easy to see that the honey comb grill is gone in favor of the extrude look.  On the GT model the extruded bars are painted black. Also up front is the polished metal strip that became standard in 66, it was only an option in 65.  Along with that the side bars off the pony corral are also missing. From the side of the car you will notice that the simulated air scoop now has three bars.

On the inside every Mustang has a five instrument  bezel even if it is not a GT.  The dash pad was re-shaped too.  The AM Radio / 8 track player was an option in 66 and if you got the 8 track you also got upgraded speakers that were mounted in each door. Even more rare was the AM/FM radio that was available.

In Mid year 1965 the Rally pac was introduced  and was available in 66 too but a new lower profile version was installed.  The inside shift lever is a detail that is often missed,  the 3 speed shifter had a plain chrome trim ring that surrounded the rubber shift boot. But the 4 speed shifter trim was black and chrome around the rubber boot.

A welcome change in 66 was the addition of knit-weaved vinyl inserts in the seating surface of both the front and rear seats. In 65 they were all plain vinyl, the knit weave was much nicer on those hot days!  The deluxe interior or often called the Pony interior was unchanged from 1965.

On the exterior the change in the styled steel wheel has always been a head scratcher for me. Instead of  keeping the barrel of the wheel chrome as it had been previously the changes to black in 66 with a chrome trim ring. I can only think that it must have been less expensive to produce this new wheel but for me it seems like it would cost more to make the wheel that way. The Styled Steel wheel was only available in 14 inch in 1966. Just as a side note I found it interesting that white wall tires were and option in 66 but the same cost as the black wall.

in 1966 there was 4 engine choices but 3 of them were 289 cubic inches. The car still comes stock with the 200 six but the 289 2v V-8, 289 4v V-8 and 289 Hi-Po V-8.

This is just a summary and doesn’t cover all the options and changes just some high lights. Please feel free to call us any time, we are glad to answer questions.